What is Memori?

Memori is a box connecting objects to yourself, your thoughts, your tips, your stories, your secrets. Or, simply, to your memories.

When you place an object on the Memori, it brings back the connection with the person you associate the object with. It can be a pendant, a shell, or anything you decide.

Memori recognizes the object and starts talking like you would do. It records what you want to share with your very special ones, so, when people place the object on the box, Memori starts to interact with them and it would feel like you were there.

People can ask questions and Memori will answer them using your words, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm. Your words can change depending on when people interact with the box. What will I say to my loved ones the first day I go working in another country, and what would I say in 2 years? And what advice would I give to my daughter, in 30 years from now, to her questions about love, life, or anything you don’t want or can’t tell right now?

It’s not immortality, but it’s pretty close.

...No constraints with applications and online services...

Memori is a real and physical object.

With Memori, you are not bound to apps, online services or subscriptions.

We could have made an app, but apps are not eternal. Ten years ago we didn’t have smartphones and in ten years, we will probably have something completely different.

positive and precious moments

Memori can store precious moments of your life.

It's a new way to browse interactive memories. You can record what you feel like when your child is born, and leave for him your thoughts in different moments, milestones, even hard times, of your lives.

People can use Memori to exchange thoughts with old friends, a distant lover, even for a scavenger hunt. It works the way you want to.