Who is behind Memori?

Memori is a project created by Nunzio Fiore.

Web Developer since 1998. Experience in web (java, ruby on rails) and IoT. My passion for the world of social networks led me to develop tons of Facebook web sites and tab apps, integrations with Twitter and OAuth protocol in general. Then I approached Raspberry Pi and started to create things by using everything I had learnt before in a new and interesting way. The team I built up with coders51 use functional languages like Elixir and Erlang to transform their services into useful products capable of speeding up the development of web, mobile and IoT applications.

How was born Memori?

Before Memori there was a bot that could listen and speak using an algorithm that choose answers. Then the project evolved and the bot could link answers to people.
I'm 39 years old, I love science fiction, stories, and I'm a web and iot developer. My culture is cyberpunk based.
After some up and down in my life, a day in 2016 I was inspired by a strange chat. A colleague of mine was working from home, only he could do certain things and we called in a strange dark chat where he would answer only if we took exaclty a specific question. We began to try to do the right question to get the answer and this reminded me of Gibson's Neuromancer and Winter mute. I mashed up all the world was borning in my mind and Memori was born.

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Eugenia Vallini aka eudesign?

Designed and developed Memori concept and the vision comunication project

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Manuel Casagrande

Memori video presentation

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Memori prototype and 3D printing

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Software development

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